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TT meetings connect you with your peers from across the worldOur mission is to continue the problem solving and knowledge sharing our communities already benefit from, enabling greater excellence in your professional role

Top 4 upcoming meetings

4th - 5th October 2023

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Belgium

4th - 5th October 2023

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Belgium

18th – 19th October 2023

Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston USA

18th – 19th October 2023

Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston USA

Key Facts

TT Group is proud of what we offer our clients and what we have achieved in a relatively short time in business:

Strategic Approach

TT Group follows a meticulous process to research and deliver ultra-specific content for niche audiences in the life sciences and medical device industries. Our conferences and events are bespoke – right down to the specific department within your organisation. This focused approach brings together high-level professionals to effectively network, learn and innovate across their industries.

Targeted Content

With our targeted attendee and speaker line-up, you can have meaningful conversations with industry-specific experts who have faced the same situations and challenges. Spark new ideas by brainstorming during our breakout sessions, informal post-session Q&As, panel debates, case studies, and workshops.

Meet Industry Leaders

Our robust screening process ensures an exclusive environment where you can focus on connecting and fostering stronger working relationships with those in the medical device field. Collaborate to find the necessary solutions to your current problems.

Customize Your Content

Get the most out of this event experience by choosing what content is most relevant for you and your company and tailoring your event experience around this decision. Learn and connect with whomever you want, whenever you want, and however you want.

Top 12 Companies


Our vision for TT Group is to be renowned for innovative and unmissable conferences for life science professionals. We aspire to be the go-to external training organisation within the specialist fields we operate. Not only that, we also want to be known as the organisation who always puts attendees, not sponsors, first.

In fact, we believe we are already achieving this vision for the clients we work with. But we know there is more to be done…

As one of the only organisations that exists to do what we do, we want to partner with even more prestigious healthcare companies who will come to us for all their educational events.

We pride ourselves on being the first choice for professional networking for niche industries. We want to continue to grow our brand and be the go-to name for innovating and problem solving for the industries we serve. In the next 12-18 months, we will expand into the US market, shortly followed by entering the Asian market.

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