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Sales force, the main communication channel of the pharmaceutical industry, faces many challenges: lower perceived product differentiation, great heterogeneity in the needs of customers and the value of customers to the company, pressure to find more efficient communication channels, restricted physician access, tighter regulatory constraints, the growing power of non-physician customers, and adversarial relationships with payers and other non-physician customers. TT Group Worldwide via a highly interactive educational platform addresses the challenges and opportunities for the sales trainers of the pharmaceutical industry.

Focusing on tailoring the communication channels to differences in customer needs, finding the most efficient communication channel, matching customer value and the communication, creating new channels to increase customer access as well as to overcome regulatory constraints, transforming an adversarial into a collaborative relationship, the 4
th Annual European Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference will deliver sales training content by the specialists and heads of Sales Training, Commercial Learning & Development, Professional Development. Featuring practical approaches to increasing sales training program effectiveness, this conference adopts a compelling environment for sharing intellect and building networks.

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