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Throughout the MedTech industry, manufactures are constantly working towards producing high quality products while taking into consideration various aspects such as cost, time, innovation and regulations. As regulatory requirements continue to evolve across Europe, product quality management professionals within MedTech industry are constantly looking to stay ahead of the curve and prepare facilities and teams for the changing requirements. At the same time, as a result of globalisation, quality management professionals must also comply with other global regulatory agencies in order to achieve compliance in global MedTech markets.

TT Group is proud to announce the 2020 European Medical Device And Diagnostic Product Quality Management Meeting that will cover key subjects like quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement at each stage of the product lifecycle. Through this meeting attendees will gain insights on changing requirements of the end user and its impact on quality systems, innovative methods for quality management that will enable quality leaders to improve decision making, increase productivity and enhance supplier quality operations to achieve desired level of product quality. This conference will also focus on designing and developing an optimised quality management system (QMS), preparing and managing audits, digitising QMS processes, data management and GDPR compliance, supplier control, risk mitigation and robust validation process.

This two-day conference will bring together product quality management professionals across the European MedTech industry and will provide attendees with an unrivalled opportunity to network, exchange ideas and discuss solutions to the many challenges in the evolving healthcare market through highly interactive sessions, case studies, round table workshops and Q&A sessions


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